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Principal Investigator

Jeet Sukumaran

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at San Diego State University, affiliated with the following program areas:

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Undergraduate Students

Kyla Appnel

I’m originally from Connecticut, but have lived in San Diego since 2017. I am currently in my fourth and final year at San Diego State. I’m majoring in biology with an emphasis in zoology, but have developed an interest in evolutionary biology during my time as an undergraduate. I’m interested in pursuing a career researching animals in the field or making tools for other scientists to do so. In this lab, I’m working on growing my skills with coding to help me once I get started in industry. Upon graduating, I plan on continuing my education by pursuing a PhD in evolutionary biology. Outside of school, my hobbies include playing guitar, skateboarding, writing, and trying new foods and activities.

Amanda Buck

My name is Amanda Buck, and I am a student at San Diego State University. I am currently a third year Biology major, with Chemistry and Honors minors. My main interests in the biological field are genetics, medicine, and biochemistry because I enjoy learning how these three fields work together. This is my first semester in Professor Sukumaran’s research lab, and I am excited for this experience to help build my knowledge in genetics, more specifically phylogenetics and evolutionary history.

Eduardo Charvel

I am a third-year student studying biology, with an emphasis in evolutionary biology, and an interdisciplinary honors minor. I am interested in pursuing a career in bioinformatics and am currently looking forward to strengthening my coding abilities, specifically in RStudio and Python, and how to use them effectively in the field. I am also passionate about the local San Diego wetlands. With the help of Dr. Sukumaran and his lab, I will be pursuing a project that that involves these topics while incorporating them into my study of computational evolutionary biology.

Julia Escobedo

I first became interested in science and medicine in my high school junior year. I had a wonderful biology teacher who showed me the benefit of planning a future with purpose that could allow me to be of service to others and challenge my views of the world every day. I had my first research experience with the SDSU UCSD Partnership Scholars Program where I investigated the role of super enhancer tagged genes within pancreatic cancer oncogenesis at the Moores Cancer Center. I am now working under Dr. Sukumaran to explore evolutionary relationships among virus populations. I am working to finish a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in interdisciplinary studies with the Weber Honors College at SDSU. I plan to apply to medical school upon graduating. In my spare time I enjoy volunteering, walking my dogs, and painting with watercolor.

PhD Graduate Students

Michael Remington

I received my undergraduate degree in a multidisciplinary major of biology and mathematics. My goal is to utilize these two fields for ecological and evolutionary population modeling. Some subjects I am interested are predator-prey dynamics, geospatial populations spread, machine learning, and biodiversity conservation. Some previous work experiences that have helped me develop my interests was working at Montana Natural Heritage Program conducting field work, supporting with mapping/analytics projects at the Oregon Coalition of Land Trusts, and two years as an analyst for a company called Vacasa. My personal hobbies include basketball, hiking, writing, and cracking yolks (cooking and bad puns). I am new to San Diego and I am excited to see what it has in store for me.




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Are you eager to work at the intersection of computing and biology?

Are you interested in learning how to develop innovative theory, models, statistics, and software to study systems which can range from microbes to dinosaurs, fishes to birds, lichen to dipterocarps, deserts to rainforests?

Are you excited about using:

  • Frequentist and Bayesian statistics, simulation-based and approximate likelihood methods, statistical/machine learning
  • Python, C++, R, and other computer languages
to come up with new ways to:
  • Understand the processes that have generated and distributed species across space and time?
  • Look deep into the history of a group of animals or plants, identifying processes and events in the past that have structured or driven their current patterns?

Then the SukumaranLab might be the right place for you, and you might be the right person for the SukumaranLab!

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