Principal Investigator

Jeet Sukumaran

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at San Diego State University, affliated with the Evolutionary Biology program area.



schematic silhouette of group of people


schematic silhouette of group of people


schematic silhouette of group of people

Are you eager to work at the intersection of computing and biology?

Are you interested in learning how to develop innovative theory, models, statistics, and software to study systems which can range from microbes to dinosaurs, fishes to birds, lichen to dipterocarps, deserts to rainforests?

Are you excited about using:

  • Frequentist and Bayesian statistics, simulation-based and approximate likelihood methods, statistical/machine learning
  • Python, C++, R, and other computer languages
to come up with new ways to:
  • Understand the processes that have generated and distributed species across space and time?
  • Look deep into the history of a group of animals or plants, identifying processes and events in the past that have structured or driven their current patterns?

Then the SukumaranLab might be the right place for you, and you might be the right person for the SukumaranLab!

Let's talk!

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